Yoyster is the new destination discovery app that offers a simple and intuitive way for users to view, research and book the perfect destination for their holiday. Yoyster is your own personal travel agent, a holiday booking companion that offers recommendations on holiday destinations all over the world, matched exactly to your specific requirements.

It’s fun and easy to use. First answer a few simple questions; Who you are going on holiday with? Are you looking to relax or perhaps enjoy a bit more of a lively time away? Long haul or something a bit closer? How much would you like to spend? Yoyster will then present a series of image cards for you to like or dislike. The more images you sort the more Yoyster learns about what you want from your holiday. Yoyster then uses its smart matching engine to return destinations that match your criteria, delivering everything you need to know in one simple to use dashboard.

Yoyster doesn't stop there though, because we know that booking a holiday often isn’t a solo mission, Yoyster allows you to invite members of your group to collaborate around holiday ideas, so recommendations can be narrowed down to the perfect destination, delivering a great holiday that suits everyone’s needs. Once everyone is happy that the perfect destination has been found Yoyster will display bookable travel and accommodation bundles, all in one place.

How it works