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Meet Yoyster. 
Your new Group Organiser.

Yoyster is the new Group Planning and Payment app that takes the pain out of organising group experiences and events.

Groups can discuss, plan and securely pay for events and experiences all in one simple to use application and with its clever purse technology, you only pay your share of the costs involved. 

Gone are the concerns over miscommunication, last minute drop-outs and non payments. Now, everyone can plan together, pay together and go together.

Want to know more? Take a look at our short teaser film. Just click the link to view.




In every group, someone has to take the lead, so why not make it you?

Begin by creating a group for your event. Then invite your friends to join.



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Once all the members of your group have been invited, it’s time to talk plans. Yoyster’s chat function allows your group to discuss and plan the event, post links and upload photos, allowing everyone to get involved.



Having a firm idea of what you’re doing and how much it will cost everyone is of paramount importance. Right from the start, the group organiser can begin to build an itinerary of events and estimate how much the event will cost. Once the group is happy, the organiser confirms the itinerary and everyone can pay their share.

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With Yoyster, everyone’s accountable. Throughout the planning and payment process, each member of the group’s status is always on show. Everyone can see who’s in, who’s yet to pay and who’s in danger of not paying.  



To pay, simply enter your card details into Yoyster’s payment platform and your share of the cost will be transferred into a secure online account.

The Organiser can then withdraw the entire group fund into their chosen account and pay for the event. It’s that simple.

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plan together. PAY together. go together.