Meet Yoyster. 
Your new Group Organiser.

Yoyster is the new Group Planning and Payment app that takes the pain out of organising group experiences and events.

Groups can discuss, plan and securely pay for events and experiences all in one simple to use application and with its clever purse technology, you only pay your share of the costs involved. 

Gone are the concerns over miscommunication, last minute drop-outs and non payments. Now, everyone can plan together, pay together and go together.

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Yoyster is the new app that helps groups become more organised and more specifically assists the group organiser in producing better results in the planning and execution of activities and experiences.

Whether for social or business occasions, groups will be able to chat, post ideas, attach content links from the internet and discuss the activities they wish to take part in, which in turn will enable the group organiser to put together the perfect itinerary and work out all the costs involved.

Once everyone has accepted the invitation and paid their percentage of the costs, all with total transparency and accountability, the event can go ahead safe in the knowledge that all the group know exactly what’s planned, who’s going and how much it costs. 

So now everyone can plan together, book together and go together.

plan together. book together. go together.