Have you ever been in that situation with a group of friends where you’ve been the one to suggest what you thought was a great idea? Was it you that suggested a weekend away together or perhaps a day at the races, only to be left with the headache of planning, organising and paying for the whole event while others in your group simply sit back and let you do all the hard work?

What you initially thought was going to be a collaborative and enjoyable process ends up becoming a logistical nightmare, filled with a lack of commitment from others. Not to the mention the fact that at the end of your thankless task you’re still out of pocket because you feel guilty about asking that ‘one’ person in the group to pay for what they actually had.

Yoyster is the new app that helps groups become more organised and more specifically assists the group organiser in producing better results in the planning and execution of activities and experiences.

Whether for social or business occasions, groups will be able to chat, post ideas, attach content links from the internet and discuss the activities they wish to take part in, which in turn will enable the group organiser to put together the perfect itinerary and work out all the costs involved.

Once everyone has accepted the invitation and paid their percentage of the costs, all with total transparency and accountability, the event can go ahead safe in the knowledge that all the group know exactly what’s planned, who’s going and how much it costs. 

So now everyone can plan together, book together and go together.


plan together. book together. go together.